Archiwalne koncerty

20.01.2019 godz. 18:00
Trebunie Tutki
19.06.2011 godz. 17:00
E. Stefańska, M. Kato, A. Śliwa, D. Imiełowska, M.
26.01.2014 godz. 18:00
Koncert kolęd
25.01.2020 godz. 17:30
Koncert kolęd

Music enchanted by wood - about festival

Since 2007, an extraordinary festival has been held against the backdrop of the Wooden Architecture Route in Małopolska. Diverse music fills historic churches, Orthodox churches, manor houses, open-air museums and towns where wooden buildings survived. When you let your eyes feast on the interior of churches covered with multicolored polychrome paintings, centuries-old sculptures, paintings, altars and iconostases, you will be moved to another dimension. Take a stroll in the open air museums and Małopolska villages of wooden houses to take a break from everyday routine and fill yourself with energy to overcome daily challenges.

All summer, friends of the Route, well-known musicians, will play music in various parts of the "wooden Małopolska". Classical music concerts will be performed by renowned artists, professors and graduates of the Academy of Music in Cracow and the Academy of Music in Katowice, who trained in major European music centres. Composers will perform their own music, created by merging and fusing the various interests of performing musicians – from jazz to Polish, Ukrainian and Lemko folk sounds, music from the border between Asia and Europe, the Balkans (Serbia and Bulgaria) and Klezmer music.

Listen to the sounds of this rich variety of voices, violins, cellos, harpsichords, pianos, guitars, mandolas, double basses, flutes and percussion instruments - sounds enchanted by wood in 2015.